MLS onboard equipment

  • One or more MLS antenna systems
  • Onboard MLS receiver of signals of the ground protractor devices with a computing system for real time calculation of angular information
  • Interrogator of the DME radio rangefinder
  • Onboard MLS indicator
  • Interconnection of the onboard MLS receiver’s output and the control systems

The onboard equipment has to be able to decode and process functions of the landing approach azimuth including one with a high frequency of regeneration, the reverse azimuth, the angle of descent, and necessary data to accomplish projected flights. Information about the distance is decoded independently. The homing angle is determined by measuring the interval between the reception of the scanning lobes „TO“ and „FROM“. If the equipment is qualified, the receiver has the option of manual or automatic selection of a landing approach trajectory, an angle of descent and a reverse azimuth. Operating in the automatic mode, the selection is made with the aid of information present in the code names of the primary data.